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“Hamilton Beach / Proctor-Silex has used Ashly Covington as a hand model in our product photography for twelve years. Images of Ashly’s hands are on our packaging from can openers to coffeemakers. We are lucky to have someone so dedicated to their job and with beautiful hands too! Ashly is always pleasant to work with and is very accommodating by often re-working her schedule to fit ours. Ashly is truly a digit diva!”  –Tom Chambers, Senior Art Director, Hamilton Beach / Proctor-Silex/

Hand Model Ashly Covington and Photographer Jeff Saxman

“Ashly is one of the best. As a hand model of course her hands are impeccably lovely, but more than that she understands camera, angles, and technique – which makes her invaluable on set. She takes her job very seriously and continues to train and develop her talents for working with knives, pours, and other specialized skills that people take for granted – until you work with someone like Ashly and realize how invaluable her training and skills are. I never have a production run as smoothly and easily as when I hire her.”

-Anneke Schoneveld

Ashly Covington Hand Modeling

“Ashly, besides having great hands and being a fantastic model, is a really fine person to work with. She goes out of her way to make sure the job she does is the best work that she can do. She has made our studio look great to our clients. I can not wait to work with her again.”
Mark Wagoner, Photographer


Mark Wagoner, Photographer

“Ashly was a blast to work with and kept everyone on set laughing! When it came time to shoot she made my job seem like child’s play.”
Kyle Hood, Photographer

“There is always a demand for a beautiful hand and we at Eagles Nest Studios have a demand for Ashly Covington’s beautiful hands.”
Eagle’s Nest Studios

“Merz Pharmaceuticals couldn’t be happier to have Ashly Covington’s hand featured on our new Appearex® packaging. She was a real pleasure to work with. She took direction well and the results were outstanding! Her work helped take our advertising and packaging to a new level of sophistication. What wonderful hands she has! Ashly’s a true professional and a very talented woman. Would recommend her again and again.”
-Mike Vercelletto, Associate Product Manager, Merz Pharmaceuticals

“We have worked with Ashly Covington for about ten years now and found her to be a true asset to any project. She is extremely professional, yet personable and a joy to be around. She has been very accommodating of scheduling and shoot requests. And on top of all that, her hands are beautiful.”
  –Jeff Saxman

Hand Model Ashly Covington

“I love working with Ashly’s nails! Her hands are perfect, so smooth and good looking!”
Koide Michina, Manicurist”

“Ashly’s a pleasure to work with. Aside from her perfect hands and nails, she’s fun and enthusiastic even when in an uncomfortable pose. She also taught me a few of the finer details of shooting hands and nails, which she has learned from her vast experience. I look forward to working with her again.”
Willie Nash

“There are so many parts to Ashly – always professional and a joy to work with. We highly recommend her!
Double Image Studios

Ashly Covington Hand Modeling for Hamilton Beach

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“Ashly is just so easy to work with I can’t recommend her highly enough. While we did projects that involved hands (which are beautiful by the way), I think she has a great look and voice too. Too bad her hands are so perfect, because her other talents take a back seat way too often in my opinion. She was also a real pleasure to have in the studio. Lots of stories about all the fun and weird things hand models are asked to do. If you book her you won’t be disappointed!”
Christine Armstrong

A real person with much talent!!!!!!”
-Thomas Holcomb, Entity Beauty

“On behalf of Wal-Mart and Bernstein-Rein Advertising, we would like to thank you for the time and effort you dedicated during filming. It’s always a pleasure to work with such wonderful, friendly people.”
-Jenny Steffens, Bernstein-Rein

Hand Model Ashly Ccovington

“Ashly is a very reliable and professional model that makes all the craziness of a shoot seem like an easy experience. She clearly knows what to do when called to a set, and that comes from not just abundant experience in her field but a personable and enjoyable attitude about it all. She is the type of person to take what she does and the time needed seriously but then she is able to relax and make the room feel energized. I have recommended her repeatedly to others in my line of work and will again.”
-Andy Vest, Art Director, Hamilton Beach

“Ashly Covington is a highly talented and versatile performer who brings an enthusiasm to the set that energizes both cast and crew. Her performance, during a grueling 48 hour film shoot, was an example of grace under pressure. From the wet scenes, where she was required to work under water, to the action stunts, to the scenes where she had to speak fluent Arabic and learn it on the spot, Ms. Covington rose to the challenge and exceeded all expectations. She was on set early, prepared, and ready to work at every call time. She receives my highest praise. I would highly recommend Ms. Covington to any casting director or producer. She is truly a triple threat: versatile, reliable, and talented. Top shelf talent.”
-Joe Talbott, Director, AnvilPix Entertainment

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